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Grim / Jul 12, 2011
The wekend after Grim is back, the 30:th this month.. We are gonna have an important kin meeting.. We all need to go thru what we want here cuz i really want all of u who likes this kin to gimme some feedback. The the subjects beeing brought up is as follows:

Officers and their role in kin amongs other things.
Kin Goals and Values

Those are the main one... ofc everyone is free to talk bout what they want^^

This is a vital meeting guys.... Cya all there^^

<3 Grim
Grim / Jun 29, 2011
So all of u know, my account is from today and 1 month forward blocked due to the fact that someone at turbine says that a friend if mine is a gold seller and the fact that i recieved a few g from him i am now apparently a gold seller to and there is nothing to be done about it. The guy is btw an irl friend of mine and verry much not! a seller. I have sent a support ticket and appealed and im currently still doing so but turbine lords of Retard! has made their minds up it seems. Frigin Idiotic!

Ne ways, se u guys in a month i guess, cant do much atm =(

Love /Grim

Grim / Jun 25, 2011
So... its now set up so that sunday every week we will go Helgerod(if we have enough ppl) we ofc also involves The Substitutes willing to go Hele^^

But guys plz! These runs are posted here on site and here on site is were u
sign up for em. Telling me or an officer in game u wanna go dosent mean u are signed up(u actually sign yourself) hehe. Signed ppl always has goes before ppl not signed kin or alliance dosent matter.

That said no one can come whine afterwards =)

ok that bout it ^^

Hugz <3 /Grim
Grim / Jun 13, 2011
Ok just so that everybody knows. Our kin has our own ventrilo server peps and thats for a reason. Ve are going to become a raiding,, i repeat RAIDING kin. For us to work properly together Ventrilo is a must for kin runs. Thats the fact. No point of peps in fs beeing on vent if only 5 out of 6 is on vent, then the guy not on vent will be the one left out and missunderstandings will appear. This is not how a rading kin works. Missunderstandings and ppl not understanding what to do is easily fixed by being online on vent with the whole grp wen doing a run. Also saves alot of typing hehe.

Basicly what im hetting at is that Vent on kin runs is mandatory! And thats final.
No vent and u basicly wont be going with the kin on their runs its as simple as that.
I demand verry few things of u guys and ppl do have free will. Not using vent wont get u kicked from kin or ne thing, it will just mean u arent comming raiding with the kin.

Mic or no mic. u dont need to be able to speak for these runs. U just need to be able to hear what the person in charge of the run tells u and do what they say thats not to hard and makes things much easier. So go get ventrilo from or just google ventrilo. The client is free and easy to use. Not to mention Me Grim (your lovely kin leader) actually pay irl money for that server so that this kin can have voice coms. Several ppl are already active on vent and id say we have alot of on there so for god sake^^ join in will ya! U also get to know ppl on a whole other level.

Thats it.. U all got the message and no one can come whine afterwards wen they arent alowed to join in instance runs cuz they have no vent. Some ppl might think its unfair yes(cant see why tho) but thats the way it is and im not changing my mind on this one. Its one of the verry few things i Force u guys to do. And its all cuz i want us to become a tight skilled and social kin.

Hugz to u all! <3 /Grim
Grim / Jun 10, 2011
7:PM Game time tonite we are holding an officer meeting. Meeting will take place on Vent. Make sure u can make it if possible(this is an important one) its a pre kin meeting for officers only ofc. For those officers without vent plx get download it. Vent info is as follows V70.DARKSTARLLC.COM Port: 4077 No pass required for now..

See u officers there! /Grim