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hobbit insults

a thread to dis hobbits
Small balthenion 6y
balthenion51282Small Grim 6y
General Discussion

Whats ur Fav lotro tunes?

SlipknotKillswitch EngageDanko JonesDozerIn FlamesWohooo!
Small Grim 6y
Grim2362Small balthenion 6y
General Discussion

funnt thread on lotro forums
Small balthenion 6y
balthenion1317Small balthenion 6y
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Class player Guides

Various class guides and tips found at -
Small Grim 7y
Grim1291Small Grim 7y
General Discussion

New Update: 'Important Lore-Master & Captain Changes'

Lore-master Skill Consolidation Warding Knowledge is collapsed into 1 skill and it now affects all Genus via the Ancient Master 4-set bonus. Tend the Sick and Leechcraft are collapsed into a new skill Knolwedge of Cures Knowledge of Cures removes ...
Small Laura 7y
Laura4226Small Impy 7y
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