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Welcome to Randoms By Choice - One kin to rule them all!
We are a smaller laid back social raiding kin based on the Eldar(EU) server. We have well experienced as well as new lotro players in our ranks. We are here to have fun and to get as much as possible out of the best mmo ever ;] We are currently recruiting to build up our main raiding team to the point that we will be able to raid were and when we feel like it(no fuzz) =]
Annyone lvl 50 and up is welcome to apply. We have our own ventrilo server and we do regular instance runs already. If interessted in joining us plz contact us in game before applying. We do like to know alil about our future kinship m8ts before accepting them in to the kin, and having a skilled friendly playerbase is one of our main goals. Basicly, If we dont know who is applying your app will be rejected.

In game Contacts:

Kin Leaders(The Three) - Grimholdir, Seekwan and Mythsong

Contact us Directly thru a tell or In game Mail.

Cya in Game =]


  Grim: woment? U been puffing on that pipe again havent u? =p
  balthenion: erm yeah i failed there
  balthenion: boobs, ass........ yup woment have rotted brains
  Piffin: Without boobs us men would be zombies,unaware of the world around us,boobies keep us aware and keep us going. Thats my philosophy....yeah..
  Impy: Look how I always get blamed first! I personally don't want to grow up yet
  Laura: Grow up!! :)
  Laura: Boobs? Really???! BOOBS?!??
  Laura: Impy, or Grim, which ever one of you IM GOING TO KILL YOU
  Impy: oh dear...
  Laura: Isenhard... Really? lol
  Grim: How awsome is Rise Of Isenhard! xD
  Grim: cuz Freaks = AWSOOOME!! Ninja Powa!
  Impy: why are we freaks?
  Grim: Hurray for boobies!
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